BRD develops its own products whenever the integration of a project requires so. Thereby, over the years, it has developed products in diverse sectors and for different markets.
BRD was originally born as an industrial organization, a manufacturer of a wide range of automobile, nautical and industrial instruments, automobile accessories and spare parts.

The high technology of BRD´s instruments led the trademark to consolidate itself as a synonym for quality and reliability, allowing the company to broaden its horizons into new markets.

Among the instruments manufactured by BRD, we can highlight: Ampere meters, Voltmeters, Manometers, Temperature Gauges, Vacuometers, Fuel Gauges, Hour Meters, Tachometers, Speedometers, Warning lights, Consoles, Dashboards, Oil pressure switches, Temperature.

BRD's expansion into the traffic and parking control market and its original development of projects required the creation of specific technology in order to execute them.

For this reason, BRD developed specific applications and products for traffic control; among them we can highlight:
Access control to parking lots.
Prepaid parking system.
Vehicle localization and positioning system.
Electronic violation ticket system.
Horizontal demarcation.
Vertical demarcation

In 1993 BRD develops MONEBUS. a ticket collection and dispensing system for the collective locomotion of passengers in urban areas. Being unique in the world, it fulfils the main purpose of ordering and speeding up ticket collection employing the latest electronic technology. MONEBUS systems were entirely developed by BRD in order to satisfy the specific demands of the public automotive transport system in Argentine cities.

MONEBUS functions with legal tender coins. It receives them in bulk by means of an automatic insertion system. Then, it classifies them electronically, processes the operation according to the corresponding fare and gives the change back together with the ticket printed on board the bus. This practical and efficient mechanism became essential in urban passenger’s transport and so it was adopted by all bus services in the city of Buenos Aires. BRD developed and manufactured the whole product, becoming the main supplier of this new market.

MONEBUS is a clear example of how BRD designed, developed and manufactured a specific product to satisfy the needs of a new market created by laws enacted by the government of the Argentine Republic.
by lawawa