Tracking market tendencies, BRD creates a Services Division in order to satisfy the increasing demand of turnkey solutions in the transport and parking areas.
It was the link between BRD and the automotive market what led the company to start looking for solutions to different traffic problems, like the stationary traffic or parking.

Diverse cities of Argentina and its neighbouring countries experience similar problems which stem from the number of vehicles and the disorder produced in traffic when parking.

In this respect and after detecting the increasing need to create regulation systems, BRD began to bring solutions to the parking problem, either in the public thoroughfare or by means of parking lots.
BRD strengthens its link with the automotive sector and launches new types of projects by developing the Technical Vehicle Inspection Service.

The aim of this service is to obtain with the highest technology, an accurate diagnosis of the general state of vehicles and to make the corresponding adjustments to increase safety and final quality in all vehicles.

This service, a worldwide requirement of developed countries, was introduced in Argentina and Uruguay by BRD. For this reason diverse plants for the technical inspection of vehicles were built. Each of them intended for a specific area of influence.
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